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Welcome to FWYN, LLC's exam site for Natural Hair Care & Braiding! We are currently working on the full site where you will have over 700 questions available to you in the same format as all the other tests we have available on In the meantime, enjoy our FREE exam samples to the right to help you prepare for your state board exam. Whether you are a current student, graduate, apprentice or needing a refresher course, these exams will help you tremendously!

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Why should you purchase the online natural hair care and braiding exam service in order to prepare for your state board exam once we have our full site up and running?

You have worked very hard to get to this point. You have put in the hours. You have created countless cornrows, extensions and carefully nurtured damaged hair back to vivacious life! You have sanitized over and over. You have studied the anatomy of the head and neck, how to shampoo braids and care for natural hair, and the most professional way to treat your client during a consultation. The only thing that is left, before you can begin your dream career - is to pass your state board licensing exam! Whether you will work as a natural hair care professional and braider in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina, Mississippi, Nevada, Maryland or Utah --or any other state or territory in the U.S. you must pass your state board exam first when a license in your state is requred! You can do it. Improve your chances of passing your state board exam through review, practice and fortifying your confidence right here on this site!

The state board testing companies do not reveal the exact questions on the exam to anyone - but they do reveal the topics on the exam and all the subjects within those topics. From that information, we are able to develop an exam service with a pool of over 700 braiding and natural hair care questions from the topics and subjects that will be included on the state board exams. Here, you will be able to practice and review questions similar to a state board exam, but in a relaxed environment, your own home, your own computer, at your own convenience. Remember, practice makes perfect. Now go for it... and Good Luck!

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